Sunday, April 27, 2008

77th ACTA Scholastic Chess Tournament

Alyssa and Richie both played in the Stamford city championship. Kindergarten and 1st grades were combined into a single playing section but prizes were separate. Richard scored 2.0/4.0 but since he was the high scoring Kindergartener he received 1st place for Kindergarten and is the Stamford City Champion for 2008. Alyssa narrowly missed getting a trophy but seemed in pretty good spirits anyway after scoring 2.0/4.0. Together they placed 4th as team and got a trophy for that as well. I don't have much to report about this tournament except I was a little surprised that one of Richie's games he lost to Scholar's mate. It seems there's always a danger of falling for that one for the young ones.

With the weather so fine, they enjoyed the day out more than the chess!

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