Friday, August 14, 2009

Gludion in Blogger

I got gludion working in blogger! Sweet. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. All credit to this flash tutorial which pointed the way for me, except the google site maker they used is no longer current.

For anyone that wants to do this yourself, here are the steps I used.

1. I created a page on Google Sites. This is where I uploaded the executable swf file and sgf files.

2. Download Gludion. The only file you need is the file goswf.swf.

3. Use the menu in the upper right of Google sites to "manage the site" and on the left had sidebar there is an option to upload attachments. Upload the goswf.swf file and an sgf file.

4. In blogger, or presumably anything similar, you can embed the player using html like this:

<embed src=""
flashVars="c0=#83E9F3&c1=#E5E5E5&c2=#AABBAA&url=wanhychen-Hisashi.sgf" quality="high" allowscriptaccess="always"
type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage=""
align="middle" height="400"

And Presto!


Koji said...

By the way if anyone wants to know I had to customize my Rounder blogger template to make it wider so I could put up beautiful full gludion players. I followed the instructions from this helpful site:

gludion said...

Hey! :D
I wish I saw your post yesterday: I spent this morning to try and test the exact same solution as yours !!

Thanks a lot for your tutorial,
I'll put a link on my site ASAP.

gludion said...

GOSWF personal suggestion for your blog:
use "c1=#E5E5E5&c2=#AABBAA&url=..."
in your HTML code and you will seen the colors of your theme (which I picked using a graphic editor).

@Koji: I'm currently working on a GOSWF vertical layout, more suitable for blog layout. Check soon :) !!

JPKerpan@gmailcom said...

I have followed your instructions, but I do not see how it is possible to follow the moves of the game using this program. Is is possible to play through a game with this, or can you only view the file at a specif point?

Mohsin Mumtaz said...

Use this converter for file converting, Because Is is possible to play through a game with this;

Converter Files

Mohsin Mumtaz said...

That converter has supports;

M4v to Jpg

Swf to Jpeg

Swf to Avi

Swf to Mov

Mp4 to Ra

Wider Two Column Modification courtesy of The Blogger Guide